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Question for the non-US people. Is mask wearing common in your country? I feel like this isn’t true …


  1. Canadians love their masks. I live there and see it every day. Not uncommon to see people wearing masks at home, when driving their car alone, while walking through a park. It's disgusting to see this level of insanity all around me. The worst part is that it's not even required most of the time. The recommendations (not laws) state that we should all do social distancing to protect ourselves, and in cases where we can't keep a safe distance apart, then we should wear a mask. It's one or the other.

    People here insist on doing both at the same time. I have the government issued COVID-19 brochure for my province and to be very frank, it is very comprehensive, level headed and full of common sense, harmless medical advice. Yet the population is completely brainwashed and insane over this matter. People and businesses, of their own free, will are going far beyond the simple recommendations of our government. In this case we can't entirely blame government for this madness. There is clearly something deeper than our provincial government adversely affecting people about this.

    This past July the provincial government declared the COVID-19 pandemic was over in my province! We were returned to green status, meaning no more masks, and social distancing was reduced to 3 feet, which has always been the societal norm my entire life. It has made zero difference in the behavior of people. In fact many people have recoiled from this stated fact and are now wearing masks more than ever before, and the pharmaceuticals are pushing the vaccine more than ever.

    I have long believed that our world is run by psychopathic criminals, but now I also see very clearly that our world and the vast majority of people in it is completely insane.


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