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Reality. What the f*ck is happening?


  1. you 100% did the right thing. live your own truth and live.

  2. Ask yourself what is the one thing that could possibly cause all this?

    What is the one common thing that runs through all this?

    At every step and at every screwed up thing you see what do you find without fail?

    Money money money.

    Have you not read the ancient scriptures that clearly say that in these latter times people will worship mammon (mammon = money), and that money is the root of evil?

    Don't look for another explanation, there isn't one that makes any sense except money.

    Our world is financially bankrupt, morally bankrupt, politically bankrupt, religiously bankrupt, and spiritually bankrupt. What we are all witnessing are the symptoms of these bankruptcies rising to the surface and exposing themselves like a bunch of putrid boils coming to a head and bursting. It's gross when it happens to a person and it's really gross and scary when it happens to an entire civilization. But we are fully engaged in it now and there's no turning back. Best we can do is ride out the storm until it is over.

    People lie for money.
    People cheat for money.
    People deceive for money.
    People hurt other people for money.
    People imprison the innocent for money.
    People murder for money.
    People go to war for money.
    People enslave people for money.
    People sell their bodies for money.
    People sell their blood for money.
    People sell their organs for money.
    People destroy their families for money.
    People betray their friends for money.
    People live for money.
    People dream of money.
    People operate churches for money.
    People knock on your door for money.
    People beg for money.
    People harass other people for money.
    People snitch for money.
    People create art for money.

    I could go on all day like this, but I've made my point.

    The truly good news is that you have made a decision not to worship money. Congratulations!

    Now you must decide on what your next decision will be, and that is a decision only you can make. Unfortunately there are no easy decisions for anyone of us to make these days, but the better you educate yourself about the situation, the better equipped you will be to take the next step.

    I'm sorry I can't comfort you more.

    Try to be of good cheer my friend. Stay strong and determined. While it all looks chaotic and out of control, there is in fact a process at play, and this mess will resolve itself.

    You might remember when the cv panic started in Wuhan that those pulling the puppet strings said this crisis would most likely last a year and a half to two years. Well we are approaching the two year mark since the global lockdown began, which means we should now be at the tail end of this thing.

    Above all remember this. Mankind has survived for a million years on this planet. We are very hard to kill as a species, so the prospect for our survival looks very good.


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