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WW3 made by Fake News
Joe Biden has 3 shots now and he’s still wearing a mask
Joe Biden has 3 shots now and he’s still wearing a mask. 😂 SciEnCe! — Catturd ™ (@catturd2) September 27, 2021 SciEnCe!
Joe Biden vs Harvey Weinstein #conspiracy
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80 million people haven't had the shot according to Biden, a small minority he is getting frustrated with. He was elected by 80 million votes. Talk about a small minority I'm getting frustrated with. #conspiracy
This is how they stick it in your face. submitted by /u/Deep-Restaurant [link] [comments] #conspiracy
Yankees and Mets Fans Join Together to Chant "F**k Joe Biden!" as They Leave Saturday's NYC....New York City.... #conspiracy
“Most popular president ever”
HOWLING: 1106 812 814 1005 807 1111- -Ready. . .? Nothing Stops This:   “My Butt’s Been Wiped.” – Joey Bloody Hands Biden – Here’s some  TP  for you Joe, courtesy of [4][5]. SICK EVIL   TWISTED MALICIOUS   GLOBALIST FUNDED BABY/CHILD SACRIFICING   SATANIC RITUAL PERFORMING SECRET SOCIETIES BLACKMAIL   GREED POWER   DRIVEN LUCIFERIN TRANNIES #WAKEUP #WEWILLNOTCOMPLY   #WETHEPEOPLE YOU VVILL NEVER BE FORGQTTEN [THE FALLEN][13] [OP]ERATION][FREE][DOM]   Open Your Eyes The Final Countdown Has Begun: This Was Never About An Election <TICK>TOCK><WHITE> <THGIL><NEERG><RABBIT> [1][1]:[1][1] AGAIN_AGAIN Shall We Play a Game? Your Not Ready For This Show We Keeper’s of This Flame Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn The Sleeper has Awaken: Enjoy   Patriots In Control Remember: If You're Reading This It's Too Late: Nothing Stops This- We Will Never FORGET We Will Never FORGIVE   WWG1VVGA N.C.S.VV.I.C John McAfee.
Can someone tell me what's going on with Biden's ear?? #conspiracy
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Vaccine mandates and passports are collapsing like a house of cards, first the UK PM cancelled plans for the passports and now US Labor Unions, normally a key Democratic ally, have come out against Biden’s vaccine mandates #conspiracy
All the months of protesting and resisting are now paying off on both sides of the Atlantic, Boris Johnson and his health secretary Sajid ‘Rockefeller’ Javid have had to scrap their plans for vaccine passports, and on the other side of the pond Biden’s assumed allies are now turning against him. There are people everywhere, left and right who have realized shenanigans are afoot, and if they don’t fight back life may never be the same again. submitted by /u/geneticshill [link] [comments] #conspiracy
Here's what Biden's "Vaccine Mandate" speech really means, and what he left out. This is very clever super short video. #conspiracy
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Biden calls it "pandemic of the unvaccinated". He actually says unvaccinated people "are" the virus. #conspiracy
Just like nazis called jews with disgusting names for propaganda that led to genocide. submitted by /u/matchpoint555 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
OSHA (part of Labor Dept) was supposed to protect blue collar American workers from harm, not allow employers and Big Gov to inject them with experimental therapeutics without choice. Institutions are being turned inside out to push this agenda, why? That is THE question. Lawyers are all silent too #conspiracy
Title is the post. Look folks, this is the weirdest stuff ever. Lawyers who would normally be seeing $$$ are silent. Dr Rhonda Patrick looked fucking scared when she read her little index cards on Joe Rogan about how the vaccine is better than a handjob from the Virgin Mary. Medical associations are silent. Truckers groups are advocating FOR this OSHA shit, it's truly a takeover and dismantling of our world. ​ Sad times - now the question is why are so many bending to this agenda. Money? Blackmail? The Biden admin used "shock and awe" to prevent any protests in DC during Inaug, what does that phrase mean in this context? Is Uncle Sam blackmailing/threatening influencers into silence? This all feels wrong, to paraphrase Greta. submitted by /u/DavidSeamanAMA [link] [comments] #conspiracy
Current list of Governors standing up to the TYRANNICAL MANDATES
 Current list of Governors standing up to the TYRANNICAL MANDATES: Asa Hutchinson - Arkansas Kristi Noem - South Dakota Brian Kemp - Georgia Kevin Stitt - Oklahoma Greg Abbott - Texas  Key Ivey - Alabama Mark Gordon - Wyoming Bill Lee - Tennessee Henry McMaster - South Carolina Pete Ricketts - Nebraska Brad Little - Idaho Kim Reynolds - Iowa Mike Parson - Missouri Doug Ducey - Arizona Tate Reeves - Mississippi Ron DeSantis - Florida Greg Gianforte - Montana
Joe Biden Is Lying: Data Shows We Are Actually Experiencing a ‘Pandemic of the Vaccinated’ #conspiracy
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Governors Are Standing Up To president palpatine #conspiracy
Immediate reaction from governors: Tate Reeves, Mississippi: “The President has no authority to require that Americans inject themselves because of their employment at a private business. The vaccine itself is life-saving, but this unconstitutional move is terrifying. This is still America, and we still believe in freedom from tyrants.” Brian Kemp, Georgia: “I will pursue every legal option available to the state of Georgia to stop this blatantly unlawful overreach by the Biden administration.” Kristi Noem, South Dakota: “My legal team is standing by ready to file our lawsuit the minute @joebiden files his unconstitutional rule. This gross example of federal intrusion will not stand.” Henry McMaster, South Carolina: “The American Dream has turned into a nightmare under President Biden and the radical Democrats. They have declared war against capitalism, thumbed their noses at the Constitution, and empowered our enemies abroad. Rest assured, we will fight them to the gates of hell
Texas rejects Biden's new mandate #conspiracy
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Joe Biden said fighting words. #conspiracy
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Go ahead, Fire me motherfuckers #conspiracy
I work at a hospital and soon will be mandating the vaccine per Biden’s new order. And I’m perfectly fine with that. We are so god damn short staffed already that it’s not even worth the pay working there. And now they’re about to fire 30% of the staff or more. We are literally 150 nurses short as we speak, and they’re gonna fire more. Good fucking luck, even if I was vaccinated I’d quit. Working that short in that kind of environment wouldn’t even be worth it for twice the money, I’d end up having a mental breakdown or physically breaking down. Found a decent enough paying job at my cousins fed ex. He has under 100 employees so that’s where I’ll be. And if that doesn’t work there’s plenty of janitor jobs paying $16/hr where I live. I wouldn’t mind a more relaxing job like that. Here’s to getting fired! Can’t wait to leave this fucking dumpster fire of a career. Worst case scenario I got a camper van and savings so I won’t be homeless Not at all judging anyone who gets the vaccin
High likelihood of a false flag in the next 2 days. Especially now after Biden's speech today #conspiracy
My money is on a vaccination clinic being the victim of a mass shooting. Gunman will be white, wearing a MAGA hat, unvaccinated, and somehow got one of those pesky assault weapons we forgot to give to the Taliban. They'll have his entire life story ready in just a matter of hours. He'll be a frequent user of 4chan, a Qanon nut, and an r/conspiracy poster. Somehow these sites encouraged his shooting, thus resulting in this sub being banned like NoNewNormal. Bonus points if he tests positive for COVID-19. He didn't die from the bullet to his head he died from COVID. submitted by /u/Wh1stl3 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
The Biden family is set to personally benefit from China gaining access to Afghanistan's lithium deposits. Hunter Biden still has a financial stake in BHR, which has in its portfolio the battery maker CATL - “a global leader in lithium-ion battery development and manufacturing”. #conspiracy
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BREAKING: Biden Admin Blocking Private Flights From Evacuating Americans Out Of Afghanistan: Report #conspiracy
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