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O people of the earth… Why don’t you give ears what those people are trying to say to you… Don’t you read his binary codes about microchipping and slavery and revelation 13… Don’t you read his another binary code about the true information can be learned by time travelers and who reads bible for real only (and combine the infos together) Don’t you read the bible that the 4 beasts of Daniel and first 4 seal of Revelation are the same things Don’t you read the 4th and terrible beast of Daniel represents Gog from Magog as Russia that Kim Clement prophesied that God will slay him…(also Q messages says that Russia is our enemy) that this countdown talks about him PUTIN Don’t you read the Islamic Hadiths (satanic plan) that talks about a savior who will pray to God in front of Jesus… That Mahdi will bring ark of the covenant at the end of the days of days… To show himself he is holly from God but not Don’t you understand the people of the Quran that is why tricked that bible is changed and m