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Why is musician Eric Clapton become so hated among the vaccinated? #conspiracy
Eric Clapton took the vaccine twice. Told the media that he lost feelings in his hands and it's difficult for him to play his guitar. People started identifying him as being a antivax and pro Trump. He's actually British and can't vote in American elections. The backlash against him has been horrible. He also said he didn't agree with the lockdowns and believes in freedom. Clapton also mentioned his phone rings a whole lot less and doesn't get as many text messages now that he has been out spoken against the vaccine. I really believe Clapton regrets taking it and that he is honest about his injuries. submitted by /u/Mouse1701 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
Every covid death until January, was Trumps fault. Since then, every covid death is fault of the unvaccinated. #conspiracy
In other news, Ch1n4 gets auto chips, Russia gets a pipeline. The taliban get US weapons, cartels get open border, and the USA gets mandates, lockdowns, inflation, hostage crisis. submitted by /u/RDT_87 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
So Rogan and Trump both got monoclonal antibody treatment and drastically improved within 24 hours. It obviously works, so why is the media trying to force us to take that useless vaccine when there is an obvious treatment that works nearly instantly. #conspiracy
It's pretty obvious now that if you catch covid and take monoclonal antibodies, you improve within 24 hours and test totally negative within days. So there is basically a cure for covid already available, but you need to be rich or famous to get it. The normal folks all have to take some shitty vaccine that doesn't even work. submitted by /u/freq-ee [link] [comments] #conspiracy
O people of the earth… Why don’t you give ears what those people are trying to say to you… Don’t you read his binary codes about microchipping and slavery and revelation 13… Don’t you read his another binary code about the true information can be learned by time travelers and who reads bible for real only (and combine the infos together) Don’t you read the bible that the 4 beasts of Daniel and first 4 seal of Revelation are the same things Don’t you read the 4th and terrible beast of Daniel represents Gog from Magog as Russia that Kim Clement prophesied that God will slay him…(also Q messages says that Russia is our enemy) that this countdown talks about him PUTIN Don’t you read the Islamic Hadiths (satanic plan) that talks about a savior who will pray to God in front of Jesus… That Mahdi will bring ark of the covenant at the end of the days of days… To show himself he is holly from God but not Don’t you understand the people of the Quran that is why tricked that bible is changed and m
I think we need to take a minute to realize how quickly censorship became a normal part of life here in the US. #conspiracy
SS: I remember on January 6th and 7th as media and big tech began censoring Trump how important and scary it felt and how quickly it went from Trump and Qanon to any unapproved opinion. As a 40 year old American the idea of people being censored for unapproved opinions was terrifying and something I never thought I would see here. I immediately signed up for every alternative social media service that promised not to censor free speech... Now, 9 months later, I'm terrified of how this has become a normal part of life. All my favorite podcasters have to pick their words very carefully or be banned from YouTube, much of Reddit is no longer available to me (not a big loss there honestly) and everyone just seems to accept it as a normal part of life. Less than a year and censorship has become the norm in America; the land of the free and home of the first amendment. In the light of everything else (mandates and passports) happening it feels inconsequential but I think we need to tak
Troops deployed to protect 535 members of congress against unarmed Trump supporters VS Troops deployed to protect 15,000 American citizens Trapped in Afghanistan against actual terrorists #conspiracy
submitted by /u/Illustrious_Ant_1194 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
I made a mistake voting for Joe Biden. Biden is 100% evil and senile
So for some perspective, I am a 35 year old black male. My whole family and most friends are democrat. However, starting in the 2016 election I didn't like Hilary Clinton but also got a racist vibe from Donald Trump so I wrote in Bernie Sanders. I love Bernie Sanders! I actually thought the first 3 years Trump did a great job but last year he dropped the ball on race relations like with George Floyd and at a rally wouldn't denounce white supremacy. So I felt I had to vote Biden. Now that was an AWFUL decision. Trump was excellent, honest, and could think for himself. I just believe he is racist. However, Biden is erratic, obsessed with this vaccine, and doesn't know what he is doing with Afghanistan or the military. Biden is unfit for the job submitted by /u/waves-360 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
I remember when they said I was in a “cult” cause I supported Trump, but he can’t get me to “drink the koolaid”? I don’t understand how Biden got all his supporters to trust this experimental vaccine together at the same time? Very cult-like… #conspiracy
submitted by /u/Fieds62 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
Trump is going on and on about how Fauci should be fired, yet he himself didn't fire Fauci and instead gave him the platform he still has today. #conspiracy
I really feel like I'm in a different timeline listening to this speech tonight. He's going on about how Biden wants to lockdown the country, yet he himself was the one who started the whole 15 days to slow the spread. He's talking about how bad Fauci is, and how he should be fired, but yet he didn't fire him, and even elevated him to the platform He's still on today. He briefly mentioned vaccine passports (for less then 30 seconds) but there wouldn't even be any vaccine passports for 3-5 years if it wasn't for Operation Warp Speed. This guy has become the same exact politician he used hate and and speak out against. submitted by /u/Owen_Stole_My_Bike [link] [comments] #conspiracy
Trump live stream: 165k viewers watching LIVE - Biden's videos: barely 20k views #conspiracy
submitted by /u/Justus443 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
Fuck Biden, Fuck Trump, Fuck Obama, Fuck the Bushes, Fuck the Clintons--both parties are warmongering corporate whores. They both voted for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq while committing treason with their bullshit 9/11 investigations. #conspiracy
The REAL PERPS are here in the USA--not in Afghanistan or Iraq. 9/11 was an in-house False Flag Operation designed to take us to war in the Middle East and waste our tax dollars while renriching the billionaires. The first "official" 9/11 investigation was the 9/11 Inquiry--the Bush administration asked Sen. Tom Daschle on multiple occasions NOT to investigate. In addition, the 9/11 Inquiry limited its investigation to "matters of intelligence." It was from the 9/11 Inquiry which traitor Philip Zelikow wrote his 9/11 Report outline before the 9/11 Commission ever even met. We the People have been screwed for decades now--WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! BOTH PARTIES SUCK CORPORATE COCK...both parties have raised the US National Debt to insane fucking levels...both parties are war parties. INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM is here. Confused? More on Inverted Totalitarianism: submitted by /u/SWINDLERS_USA [link] [comments] #conspiracy
To all of yous blaming either Trump or Biden on Afghanistan fall out : #conspiracy
submitted by /u/Joester817 [link] [comments] #conspiracy
GOP quietly remove all traces of Trumps historic peace agreement with Taliban from GOP site. Get ready for another revision to history. It's already starting here. #conspiracy
submitted by /u/__Archaic__ [link] [comments] #conspiracy
The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan was obviously planned. The news you are seeing is social engineering. They are manufacturing your consent for continued occupation. #conspiracy
This whole news cycle has meat for everyone. Liberal consent is being manufactured to "protect women" while assigning all blame to Bush/Cheney. Conservative consent is being manufactured because "Biden is incompetent" and all blame for failure goes to Democratic peaceniks (even though Republicans were just repeating the think-tank created political talking point about Trump being the real anti-war president and bringing home troops just months ago). Do you all really believe it was an accident that the Taliban just happened to seize a bunch of U.S. weapons caches they can use to complete their mission? While you are all playing political football, distracting yourself with who is to blame for what, both sides have failed to understand that you are actually being united by the powers that be through your disagreements. You are all being united in wanting more troops to go back in and for the United States to maintain a presence into perpetuity. Don't fall
“Trump is gonna be reinstated” did not come from us.. #conspiracy
I’ve never seen that posted here until today, and it is done in a mocking way. The mainstream is making up ridiculous theories and attributing them to us. It’s gotten to the point where the brainwashed come to us and try to mock us about stuff we don’t even believe submitted by /u/cuttlle [link] [comments] #conspiracy
The covid vaccine passports and violent push toward the unvaccinated is something you should be aware and afraid of. #conspiracy
This is bad. I can't stress enough how bad the idea of vaccine passports are. The government has a tendency over time to struggle to take back power it is given in times of "danger". Once you give it the right to create paper work that you need to get into a food market then you'll be giving them the starter power they need. Do what we say or be arrested is a dangerous thing. honestly fuck reddit recently. I see shit about leaving unvaccinated out to die with 10000 upvotes and disgusting comments laughing at the those who die... If you can't see how that's fucked up you're largely apart of the problem, you need to open your fucking mind.. We need to love and care for eachother not leave people in streets because they disagree with you over a shot... "Oh you have been an amazing person your whole life but are unsure of a vaccine being pushed by the media and not approved by the fda?? Well fuck you it's time to die you evil old cunt" It star
Dividing us into 'vaxxed' versus 'unvaxxed' allows the real division to be obscured: those who went to Epstein Island to harm children and be compromised by the ruling structure, and those of us 99.999% who didn't. I've experienced no vaxx hostility in person, it's all online and MSM theatrics. #conspiracy
What also pisses me off is if these people in Little Red Shoe Club and in Epstein's "black book" instead applied half this effort and secrecy on say, advancing spaceflight, we'd already be colonizing half the solar system - "overpopulation" would be a mathematical non-issue, even to the most crazed elite mind. In fact, you'd want lower income "settlers" to colonize the less desirable moons and planets and take the risk of building a society out there. Instead they have a degeneracy mill; the media is run by Epstein Island dregs and Podesta dinner alumni. And these are the people the public trusts on experimental therapies on the microscopic level? Intelligence test indeed. I wouldn't even trust them to watch your kids for an afternoon, much less design a messenger RNA signaling vaccine properly on the first swing, and then be okay with putting it into my body. I still get Trump's "official" spam emails, even though I don
The US is run by the CIA #conspiracy
So Russia is run by its intelligence agency, FSB. Why is it so strange to beleive that the CIA has equally strong standing in the US? The strong,secretive government agency who has been controlling foreign governments unchecked for 50 years can easily become too powerful and start meddling in internal elections. They would have both the knowledge and resources to pull that off, plus no external oversight. The CIA has meddled in other countries elections using "active measures", agent provocateurs, news\social media influence. What the CIA has been doing abroad over the past 60 years is well documented. Why is it inconceivable that they would meddle in their own election? To me it seems plausible that all US presidents and both political parties are quietly controlled by the CIA, for instance by influencing primaries to ensure that approved CIA candidates get nominated. A mistress, a rape allegation or a embarassing sex tape could emerge to remove the unwanted candidates.
BREAKING: Elections Expert Seth Keshel Releases National Fraud Numbers: Finds 8.1 Million Excess Votes in US Election, Affirms Trump Won PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA and MN
BREAKING: Elections Expert Seth Keshel Releases National Fraud Numbers: Finds 8.1 Million Excess Votes in US Election, Affirms Trump Won PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA and MN. Retired Army intelligence captain, elections data expert, and former baseball analyst  Seth Keshel  released his final national fraud numbers over the weekend. Seth Keshel examined the final vote counts in all 50 states compared to the estimated numbers based on changing state dynamics and trends to come up with his estimated voter fraud in each state. He published his results on his popular  Telegram page. Source .